Staffing Services

The current job market is not for the timid! This climate is extremely difficult due to significant industry changes, radical new trends, and shifting client and candidate expectations.


It can take a lot of time, effort, and money to find and hire the best personnel for your company. While you concentrate on your main business, let UM Staffing boost your procedures.

Team Sourcing

In order to locate the ideal applicants that will satisfy your job demands and requirements, we have the correct team with the necessary sources, resources, screening tools, and selection procedures.

Permanent Staffing

UM Staffing offers businesses permanent employees to satisfy their various talent demands and requirements. We adhere to strict procedures to make sure that only the most qualified, competent, experienced, and skilled applicants are hired so they can integrate into the client organization without any trouble and cooperate to achieve business objectives.

Temporary Staffing

You can get in touch with us if you need temporary staffing. We are aware of the unpredictable nature of tasks, positions, and company strategies. Short-term hiring is occasionally the only workable solution. Additionally, clients frequently want the freedom to convert a temporary or contract employee into a permanent hiring as needed. Without making a long-term commitment to them, we can assist you in developing your team. You can rely on UM Staffing for knowledgeable and skilled temporary personnel who will be available when you need them and who will stay within your budget, whether you need to set up a small team or a full department.

Offshore IT Staff Augmentation

Organizations are thriving in the setting of global commerce by utilizing people from all over the world with the strategic objective of optimization in mind. How can teams be created with the appropriate talent, abilities, knowledge, and delivery capacity without incurring the frequently enormous expenditures! Offshoring strategically frequently holds the solution to this overwhelming problem. To achieve precisely this balance of relevance, efficiency, and affordability, UM Staffing makes use of a network of brilliant teams offshore!

Private Security Training

We are able to manage these teams effectively and control the risks associated with offshoring because to our extensive awareness of overseas people, specialized skills, cost structures, and cultural working quirks.

We are prepared to help you with your most general or specialized skill requirements thanks to the wealth of IT expertise at our offshore locations, providing important strategic advantages for your company.

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Executive Search

UM Staffing offers specialized recruitment services designed to help your company hire senior-level personnel and leaders. We match appropriate profiles based on a range of criteria, from the fundamentals of skills and experience to more niche industry related characteristics and your own expectations for cultural fit. We can manage the process from competency mapping to negotiations, applicant support, and client stakeholder management thanks to our experience with full-cycle recruitment. Executive search services from UM Staffing assist clients in growing their companies without overtaxing their current employees.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We can assist you with your hiring process by serving as an extension of your HR department and offering a comprehensive hiring solution. The RPO offered by Smart IT Frame performs just like a client's hiring or human resources department, delivering a carefully designed procedure for outstanding talent acquisition reaching.


Allow UM Staffing to manage your hiring process from beginning to end as an integral part of your company.

  • Strategic sourcing
  • Talent engagement
  • Hiring manager engagement
  • Workforce planning
  • Employment processing