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DMV Metro Area Employee Recruitment Services

UM Staffing, Inc. focuses on providing employee recruiting services in the DMV Metro Area, including the hiring of temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent professional services and office support staff. For further details on available assignments and the most recent temporary and permanent employment, see our Job Listings page.

Types of Jobs We Fill

In the DMV Metro Area, UM Staffing, Inc. offers top-notch job recruiting services. We take pride in finding, mentoring, and developing our candidates so they are ready to fill a range of positions. We make every effort to ensure your success, and each applicant must be ready to satisfy the standards of the jobs we fill for our clients. The business welcomes applicants from all backgrounds. We pledge to uphold the highest standards, which include:

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Get in touch with us right away to see how our employee recruitment services in the DMV Metro Area could advance your career. In an effort to provide you the best chances for success, our experts will walk you through the procedure. Send your resume and a succinct cover letter to if you're interested in applying for a permanent or temporary employment.