Business Support Services

UM Staffing can enable your business witha wide range of Business Support Services for efficient, cost-effective and rapid process management.

What we provide?

Mortgage Processing

Mortgage Processing staff for the best end-customer service, enhanced productivity, and streamlined business process.

Customer Service

Customer service staff to empower all client facing processes whether it’s In-bound / Out-bound call center staff or offline support.


Healthcare staff to help you manage your requirements, minimize your risks, lower your costs and enhance your quality through anytime, anywhere solutions.

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Other Services spanning

- Supply of medical / healthcare staff
- E-commerce back office support
- Data entry processes
- Infrastructure support

Some Recent Engagements

- 70 placements for Customer Service Executives
- 70 placements for Mortgage Processors
- 80 placements for Data Entry staff
- 10 placements for Title Processors