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UM Landscaping is passionate about designing, constructing, and maintaining an outdoor living space that is tailored to your individual lifestyle needs. We work with residential and commercial clients in the D.C. area to develop practical solutions that can be constructed all at once or in multiple phases. With over 25 years of experience, we have assembled a personable, knowledgeable, efficient team that has the ability to get the job done.

If you can dream it, we can design and build it!

Our Working Process



Its basic purpose is to improve decision-making and build understanding, by actively involving individuals and organizations with a stake in the project.



Outlines the purpose and scope of a project. This is helpful before a project takes place since it ensures both parties agree on what the project itself will include.



Installation, a process where the equipment, tools, or any other hardware is put into a correct position and made ready to use



 Step-wise process of putting a decision into action. It requires a systematic workflow of plans to get executed.

Project Design & Planning

Our goal is to partner with you to create a design that exceeds your expectations.

Our team of experienced designers have the ability to envision the entire project throughout its lifecycle, while also considering all the variables associated with a potential solution.

Hardscaping & Construction

Hardscaping options that will transform your outdoor living space into one that is both beautiful and functional.

The team of experts at UM Landscaping offers a variety of hardscaping options that will transform your outdoor living space into one that is both beautiful and functional.

Sport Courts & Synthetic Turf

Revamp your outdoors into a clean and functional play area

Whether it’s a playground, fencing, walkways, or steps, our professional hardscaping crew will work closely with the team and the client to successfully construct a solution that will complete the overall aesthetic of the property.

Landscaping & Planting

We visualize and integrate landscaping elements to transform your entire space into a work of art.

In our 25 years of landscaping service, we have found it very beneficial to use plantings and mulch from our very own nursery. By doing so, we are able to control the quality and type of plantings that flourish in this environment and soil type.

Lighting & Irrigation

A variety of solutions that allow you to enjoy your outdoor space day or night.
Light Up Your Outside.

Creating a beautiful and multifunctional outdoor living space can be a large investment of both your time and money. We recognize that certain factors, such as time of day, weather, or other limitations may traditionally prohibit you from enjoying the space you have worked so hard to create.

Grounds Management & Commercial Snow Removal

We help to protect your investment with a variety of grounds management services.

Homeowners, associations, and commercial property owners should consider options to protect their investment, given the time and money investment to customize their property. Fortunately for all of our customers, we can keep your grounds looking fresh and well maintained, throughout the year.

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