Project Design & Planning

Our team of experienced designers have the ability to envision the entire project throughout its lifecycle, while also considering all the variables associated with a potential solution.

Professional and Expert

Our goal is to partner with you to create a design that exceeds your expectations. Starting with the very first consultation, we seek to gain an understanding of your vision for the outdoor living space. We use this time to listen, clarify any details, and evaluate the property, all in an effort to make you feel comfortable

Our landscape designers then take the research and information to the drafting table, consulting and collaborating with our team of experts as needed. This helps to ensure we have explored all potential challenges associated with the project, which in turn allows us to deliver a comprehensive plan.

Walking our clients through the initial plans is a critical step and gives our designers the opportunity to highlight key details. This also gives a chance for our clients to ask any questions and supply feedback that will help move the plan to a finalized state.

Prior to the construction phase, all finalized plans are sent to the proper governing body for approvals and permits.


Recent Work

“It has been a real pleasure for me to have a company like UM Landscaping to build our Basketball Court. Your staff not only delivered a beautiful facility for our residents within the time allotted but also helped us value our space to help keep the cost within budget. This was done without sacrificing quality.”
Tony Niemeyer
Director of Corporate Engineering, Milliken and Co.
“Having partnered or been involved with UM Contractor on well worth of development projects that have all contained some element of risk, I know from personal experience that Trehel’s main focus on any project is maintaining the relationship with the client and putting the clients’ best interest first.”
Tom Winkopp
Owner, Tom Winkopp Realtor/Developer, LLC
“Our architect and several subs have specifically mentioned how much they enjoyed working with Trehel. I was also very pleased with the timeliness of the construction. It was a pleasure to work with professionals that treated the project and jobsite as if it were their own property and building.”
John Freeman
Former Senior Vice President, First Citizens
“During the course of our project, UM Contractor maintained the highest standards of quality, value, professionalism, safety, and cleanliness. Our project was completed on schedule and under budget. When you them, you are hiring more than a General Contractor; you are hiring a partner and an advocate for your dreams and goals.”
Alicia Potter
Executive Director, Anderson Arts Council
“The performance by you and your associates has been outstanding in every regard. We appreciate your professionalism, your sensitivity to our needs, and your desire to achieve completed projects on time and within budget. The design capabilities you have brought to bear on our initiatives have saved us many thousands of dollars, something we also deeply appreciate!”
David Wood
Senior Vice President for Advancement, Wofford College
“I wanted to express our appreciation for the excellent services received from the UM Contractor in the construction of its new work facility in Clemson, SC. The project was extremely successful and our personnel could not have been more pleased with their new work environment.”
Steven F. Smith
Former President and CEO, Verity Bank

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Hiring a partner and an advocate for your dreams and goals.