Healthcare Cleaning & Disinfecting

UM Cleaning knows how critical it is to maintain a clean, disinfected, safe, and healthy environment for the care of patients, staff, and visitors. We provide Environmental Services for your healthcare facility which incorporates the latest technologies, high-level training and education, customer service programs, disinfecting programs, and integrated cleaning systems.

Common Cleaning Services:

It’s imperative to maintain an environment that will be clean and sanitized for assisted living facilities. UM Cleaning cleans and disinfects resident rooms, common areas, kitchens, dining areas, and much more to ensure a healthy environment for everyone in the facility.

We understand the importance of having a highly skilled environmental services staff for your hospital. Through safe cleaning practices and procedures, we can minimize cross-contamination and hospital-transmitted infections. Our program includes the cleaning and disinfecting of lobbies, nurses’ stations, operating rooms, patient rooms, waiting rooms, and much more.

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