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UM Cleaning is providing a higher level of disinfection to your facility. This in turn should result in higher productivity, lower sick time, and consistent reductions in infectious outbreaks throughout your building and staff.

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Who will clean my home or office?

Our carefully selected, vetted, and rigorously trained staff usually work in three person teams. This ensures the work is carried out efficiently and effectively. We endeavour to ensure the same team work for you each time. Of course none are allowed to eat, smoke or use appliances while in or around your home or office.

Who keeps the keys to my home or office and who has access to them?

The UM Cleaning Company owner and team supervisors are the only people who have access to your keys, which are always secured in our office key safe after completion of the clean. We also operate a strict coded reference system for all keys.

What if something gets broken?

First of all, we are fully insured. If you have any items which are particularly delicate or irreplaceable, or of high sentimental value, please let us know at our initial meeting so we can discuss your requirements. As you’d expect, we treat your possessions with the utmost care. In the highly unlikely event that something is damaged or broken, the supervisor will leave notification in writing for you and we will endeavour to contact you immediately.

Do you bring all your own equipment and supplies?

Yes. Everything. That means you don’t have to spend your time buying, taking out or putting away any supplies, or wonder about where to find the best equipment and products as we do all this for you. We transport all tools and supplies to your home or office in a customised vehicle, with the cleaning team, for each clean.

What will it cost?

You and your home or office are unique, and you aren’t forced to have the same service as everyone else. The fees are based on the services we agree with you, and will take account of factors such as the size of property to be cleaned, the number of occupants, and the frequency of the clean.

What days and hours can I have my office cleaned?

Our office teams are available during normal working hours as well as early morning, evening and Saturdays.

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